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Education Center

Bilger's Rocks Education Center is specifically dedicated to providing environmental education and interpretation to the community. A variety of programs that increase knowledge and awareness of the beauty and importance of our natural resources are available for children, teachers, and the general public.

By taking time to explore Bilger's Rocks through its trail network or community programs, visitors can enjoy the outdoors while learning the skills needed to be good stewards of Pennsylvania’s outstanding natural resources.

Bilger's Rocks provides a unique combination of Geological, Archaeological and forest environs, which offer a wide array of resource and educational opportunities.

One of the park’s main features, the creation of the sandstone seen exposed at Bilger's Rocks was during the Carboniferous Period that lasted from 354 to 290 million years ago. The rocks exposed at Bilger's Rocks are the Homewood Formation of the Pottsville Group, dominantly sandstone of Pennsylvanian age.  The ecosystem, is also home to distinctive plants and the most noteworthy and spectacular Appalachian Vittaria, and Lady Slippers.

If you are unable to walk through the walks, we offer a video for you to watch as someone else navigates through the rocks. 

Seasons and Hours

Contact the center office for facility seasons and hours, particularly for weekend schedules.


For more information call 814-236-7570 or email

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