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Welcome to Bilger's Rocks.

Bilger's Rocks is a private recreation park in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania, USA, near the town of Grampian in Bloom Township. The surrounding area is intricately laced with hills, mountains, and river valleys that generally follow the Appalachian mountain range in a northwest to southeast direction. The area of the park is located along the Allegheny section of the mountains, approximately 8 miles southwest of the highest point on Interstate 80 east of the Mississippi River.

Bilger's Rocks is an amazing place to explore! Don't take our word for it. Check out what these bloggers and travel writers had to say about their experience at Bilger's Rocks: 

Bilger's Rocks is a massive, 300 million year old rock formation covering some 20 acres in Clearfield County, PA. The formations tower up to 50 feet above ground level.

"The most striking feature about Bilger's Rocks are the various openings, crawlspaces, passageways, and arches found throughout the outcrop. Whether you approach it from on top, as we did because of ice and snow still hidden in the fissures (what doesn't see the sun won't melt quickly) or from below to explore the maze of caves and walk ways leading to mysterious "rooms" named Devil's Dining Room" and "Devil's Kitchen," this is one of nature's marvels." - MidAtlantic Daytrips Blog - read the full blog here -> MidAtlantic DayTrips: Amazing Nature at Bilgers Rocks


"We continued on our climb through the rocks, and we learned a lot from our guide, who I’m sure was shaking his head at these city-folks—or just at our general lack of climbing ability. Bilger’s Rocks is a truly spectacular place to hike, consisting of 316- to 320-million-year-old sandstone formations that tower above the forest floor, some rising 30 to 50 feet overhead. Visitors can crawl through small openings, wander through barely-body-width passages underground, or just enjoy resting in the cool air. Bilger’s Rocks is actually cooler than the rest of the forest, which is wonderful surprise on a hot summer’s day." - Every Road A Story - read the full blog here -> Stalking Bigfoot through Bilger’s Rocks - Every Road a Story


"As soon as I pulled up to Bilger’s Rocks for the first time, I knew that they had been hyped up for a reason. In fact, I would go so far as to say that Bilger’s Rocks is the most interesting rock outcropping in Pennsylvania save possibly Devil’s Den at the Gettysburg Battlefield (which gets extra points for its historical significance)." - Uncovering PA - read the full blog here -> Visiting Bilger's Rocks: Pennsylvania's Best Rock Outcropping - Uncovering PA

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